Bio-Nucleonics received FDA marketing clearance for Gynocyte®, a minimally invasive medical device that helps doctors deliver life-saving treatment to patients with cervical and other gynecological cancers, including adenocarcinoma, adenosquamous cell carcinoma, and recurring endometrial cancers. This advanced medical device was developed by Bio-Nucleonics in collaboration with researchers at the University of Miami School of Medicine. The device represents the first advancement in minimally invasive, low-dose radiation treatment of gynecological cancers in almost 40 years.

The technology behind Gynocyte® is a precision alignment system- a vaginal cylinder arrangement that enables delivery of small doses of therapeutic radiation with great accuracy. The system offers significant advantages, allowing oncologists to vary treatment parameters to the stage of the disease and to a specific lesion. After all, the goal is to destroy the cancer without harming healthy surrounding tissue. Gynocyte® also eliminates potential operator error, such as applicator misalignment and inadequate radiation dosage.

Gynocyte® provides physicians and patients with important clinical benefits compared to other treatment methods. For one, the procedure is a practical alternative to surgery, which can often involve a long and painful recovery. During the process, women can lie comfortably during the procedure rather than remaining motionless. No stitches are required, and normal routines may be resumed shortly following the procedure.

Gynocyte® was specifically designed to enable rapid and easy implantation. It requires only a local anesthetic, and application of the implant may be performed in a local community hospital setting rather than tertiary academic medical centers. Soon, you’ll be able to find Gynocyte® in free-standing radiation oncology facilities, as well.

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